Our Classes

Primary 1

Welcome to Primary 1!

It has been a busy few months in P1 and we are all very glad to be back to school again!
Our topic this term is ‘The Safari’. We have been learning all about Africa, the different animals there, exploring rhythms using African Djembe drums and how life in Africa is different to ours.

We are enjoying our vet’s role play area and we have been exploring animal patterns by making our own printing stampers.

In Literacy, we are continuing to develop an understanding of sentences and are applying our knowledge of tricky words and phonics.

In Numeracy, we are learning to add numbers within 10 and we are exploring capacity.
We love getting outdoors. At Forest School we have enjoyed making bird’s nests and have been on colour hunts. We also took part in ‘The Big Spring Clean’ and went on a litter pick around Carrickfergus Castle. We hope you enjoy some of our photos below.

Primary 2

Welcome to P2

Since March, Primary 2 has done a fantastic job settling back into school routines.
In Literacy, we have been learning all about the ‘magic e’. We enjoy finding words with a ‘magic e’ in our reading and have been using our ‘magic e’ wands to help us with our spelling during weekly dictation lessons.

In Numeracy, we have been learning how to count to 20 and beyond and carry out simple addition and subtraction calculations. We know about the months of the year and days of the week through song and dance and more recently, we have been making our own clocks to tell o’clock and half past times.

This term our topic is the ‘Carnival of Animals’ a 14-piece movement, composed by Camille Saint-Saens in 1886. We have investigated the different tempos and pitches used to describe each of the animal movements and have even created our own music using tambourines, drums, scrapers and shakers. During play, we have been learning how to take care of sick pets in our Vets role-play. We are looking forward to learning about different types of animals and where they live.

Primary 3 & 4

Welcome to P3 & 4

Summer term has finally arrived and we have all loved being back in class again with our friends. We have had fun outdoors practicing for sports day, learning hockey skills and even playing basketball.

This term we have been exploring measure as our numeracy topic. P3 began measuring objects using cubes, paperclips and counters. Then they learned the importance of using a ruler to get an accurate measurement and P4 were learning to measure bigger objects around the school using a metre stick.

In literacy we have been enjoying our class novel ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’ and brushing up on our reciprocal reading skills. We have also been learning to read for facts and important information.

Argh me hearties… our topic this term is pirates. So far we have learned the language of piracy and discovered the history of the most famous pirates Blackbeard, Calico Jack and Anne Bonny.

There was a major crime in our classroom… Blackbeard snuck in when no one was looking and took our golden prize box as loot. We used clues and the points on a compass to recover our missing treasure, it even had extra golden coins inside! We used clay to make our own pieces of treasure, it was so much fun. Let’s just hope there are no pirates near Carrickfergus! We can’t wait to discover where pirates lived and what they ate and drank.

Primary 4 & 5

Welcome to Primary 4&5!

We are so happy to be back at school with our friends after the lockdown. We have really enjoyed catching up with each other and hearing what we have all been getting up to. We had lots of excited and happy faces on our first day back at school!

This term we have been learning about the Vikings. We have recently been looking at the different types of Viking jewellery. Vikings wore arm bracelets, brooches and ring pins on their cloaks. We designed and made our own Viking jewellery using clay in class. We are looking forward to painting them in bright colours next week. The Viking homelands had very poor soil due to their dense forests and hills. We also have been doing STEM experiments in class to see the best conditions for plant growth.

In Literacy, we have been studying Myths and Legends. We have read lots of famous Myths and Legends in class and looking at the key features in them. We really enjoyed reading the famous legend of Finn McCool at the Giant’s Causeway. We are currently designing our own mythical creatures and heroes and plan to write our own myth next week. Our class has excellent imaginations!

In Numeracy, we have been doing lots of practical work with Weight and Capacity. We are continuing to use our Times Table Rockstars to help us learn our multiplication tables very quickly. This has really helped us with our problem solving work in Numeracy.

This term we have lots of exciting things planned. We are looking forward to having an Integration celebration week! We will be attending workshops in traditional Irish music, Irish dancing and listening to traditional Irish tales from the storyteller, Liz Weir. We may also manage to squeeze in a school trip! We are also planning a beach clean-up around the castle and harbour area in our town. Primary 4/5 will have a busy end of term!

Primary 6 & 7

The Last Hurrah for P.6 & 7!

We’re finally back in school for face to face teaching! This has been a wonderful term and a final term for our P7 pupils. We’re so happy to be able to give our P7 the send-off they deserve.

Being back in school has reopened the doors to face to face teaching and collaborate learning, it’s been brilliant! As good as technology has been, it is no substitute for physical teaching. It has been great to be able watch the children work and play together, build their confidence and have fun.

The Romans! Yes, that is our topic for this term. From the old Roman kings to the emperors, it’s been quite the journey. We have looked at how Rome came to be, the progression of the Roman Empire and its spread throughout Europe and further afield, why the Romans were so successful, the army, their deities (gods) and their relationship with other great civilisations. We have also been creating our own Roman armour, sundials & water clocks, mosaics and aqueducts. The Romans are responsible for so many things that it’s incredibly hard to narrow it down, but I think they would be proud of our efforts in exploring their great civilisation.

I ‘Wonder’ what we have been doing in Literacy? Did you spot something different in that previous sentence? That’s because our class novel is ‘Wonder’. It is amazing story that we have been able to take so much from, especially in discussing the importance of inclusion and kindness. We have also been getting reacquainted with our reciprocal reading, which is where we work in groups of approximately five people dissecting passages of the novel that we have just read. Each person in the group has their own role but everyone must work collaboratively to achieve an end goal. That’s what I call teamwork!

As in our Literacy and WAU work, we have been just as busy with our Numeracy. To kick things off on our return, we started to take a deeper look into fractions, decimal and percentages and how we could apply these to more real world scenarios. We have also been learning about area and volume, and what makes them different. Do you know? We discovered there is a link between squared numbers and area and cubed number and volume. More recently, we have been getting to grips with capacity, ml and L, time and using different types of graphs. It’s amazing how so different aspects of Numeracy can be linked and that we can apply our learning to our thinking skills & problem solving activities.