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Our Classes

Primary 1/2

This term Primary 1/2 have been learning all about winter. What a busy few months we have had! We have made our own igloos, painted ice, created winter scenes using cold colours, carried out experiments and even made our own snow using baking soda and conditioner.

We also made ice decorations using leaves and twigs and then hung them up in our garden. We all made predications about what would happen to our decorations the next day. Some of us thought it would melt a little bit, some thought it wouldn't melt at all and some of us thought it would completely melt away once the sun came out. Unfortunately, when we returned the next day only the string was left from our decorations.

In Literacy, we are continuing to learn our phonics, we have followed instructions to make a snowman and we have been writing our own instructions to explain to others how to make their very own ice decoration.

In Numeracy, we have been practicing our numbers before and after and learning all about time. Miss Dunlop is very impressed with the different times we can show on our clocks.

On top of all our hard work, we just had to go out and enjoy catching snowflakes when it started to snow in our playground.

Primary 3

Primary 3 have had a colourful start to the new year. Our new topic in World Around Us is 'Colour.' We have been colour mixing, doing lots of fun experiments, making colourful poems and of course our Art work is amazing! We have been looking at 'The Rainbow Fish,' in class and talking about the importance of sharing and being a good friend. We also enjoyed our Colour Hunt around our school playground. We saw lots of bright colours starting to appear.

In Numeracy we have been doing lots of practical work. We are looking at partitioning this term and have found different ways to partition cubes, colourful objects and even ourselves. We have also been weighing different objects in class with balancing scales. We can't wait to weigh out the ingredients to make our own slime in the playroom next week!

We have had some visitors to our class this term already. Beverley, from Sustrans, came to talk to us about safe cycling. We are really trying to walk to school or take our bikes to give us more exercise. We also had a visit from the school nurse who talked to us about healthy eating. We are all working very hard to eat healthy breaks to achieve our Green Flag from Eco-Schools this year.

Primary 4/5

We have been working very hard in 2018 already. Our new mental maths strategy is partitioning and we love playing 'Step and Touch' to help us practice it. We also enjoy 'Cowboy Maths' as it helps us learn our times tables in a fun way.

We have been applying our mathematical skills in a baking, problem solving activity. Employing our knowledge of taught concepts such as solving 2 step word problems, identifying patterns in tricky number sequences and using our knowledge of time facts. We worked in teams to identify the missing measurements needed for our class baking. Each team made Amazon Rainforest buns, inspired by our World Around Us topic.

P4/5 have just started Tag Rugby sessions with our coach Gary and already we have learned lots of new skills. Who knew school could be such fun!

Primary 6/7

Do you hear that rumbling? It must be our new topic approaching! This term we are learning all about volcanoes and their impact on a certain ancient city. Do you know the one we're talking about? It's Pompeii of course. This ancient city was destroyed when Vesuvius erupted in AD79. This eruption buried the city for thousands of years, under thick layers of rock and ash. It was only rediscovered in the past couple of hundred years.

In literacy, our writing focus this term is recount writing. For our recount writing we will be looking at newspaper reports. Something that might have made the news in AD 79 would have been the eruption of Vesuvius. The pupils will be creating a newspaper report on this disaster. They will be researching lots of facts about the eruption and what life would have been like way back then. There were no smart phone or tablets, but try telling them that. With all their information they will then create their reports.

Numeracy for P.6/7 continues as normal, with plenty to keep us entertained. This term we are looking at some decimal and fraction work, which the pupils are thoroughly enjoying. Our mental maths strategy is partitioning. The pupils are great at partitioning numbers; they can tell me many different ways to make up my age. I think they're trying to tell me something.