Our Classes

Primary 1

Welcome to Primary 1!

Our Primary 1s have settled into school life extremely well and are quickly getting used to our new routines in school. Miss Dunlop is SO proud of them!

Our topic this term is ‘All About Me’. Over the past few weeks we have painted beautiful self-portraits, decorated our own names and made pictures of our families. We loved showing everyone our transition boxes filled with items and photographs from our summer adventures.

In Literacy we are improving our listening and rhyming skills. We went on a listening walk around the school playground wearing our extra BIG ears! We are getting very good at identifying rhyming pairs and are enjoying learning lots of new songs. These skills are helping prepare us for reading.

In Numeracy we are improving our sorting and pattern skills. We can sort items for colour, size and beginning sounds, and we can explain our reasoning for this.

As you can see from our photographs we are continuing to learn and develop important skills during our indoor and outdoor play sessions. We love visiting our home corner and enjoy making delicious dinners for our friends.

Experimenting at our water wall and getting messy in the mud kitchen in our outdoor suits are some of Primary 1’s favourite outdoor activities.

Have a look at our photos below.

Primary 2

Welcome to P2

It is wonderful to welcome back Primary 2 to school, with the addition of a few new, friendly faces to our Central P.S. family.

This term, our World Around Us topic is all about ‘The Airport’. Over the past few weeks we have been learning about different jobs in the airport including pilots and air stewards. Through play we are enjoying our travel agent corner, creating aeroplanes from junk material and making postcards for our families from our adventurous travels.

In Literacy, we are revising our Primary 1 initial sounds. We enjoy using the interactive whiteboard to practise our letter formation and to spell and read tricky words.

In Numeracy, we have been working very hard on sequencing, adding, subtracting and forming numbers up to 10. We can also sort, recognise and describe the properties of 2D shapes including squares, rectangles, circles and triangles. We really enjoyed making shape glasses to help us spot 2D shapes around school. We saw lots of circles and rectangles!

In Primary 2, we love playing outside. Our favourite things to play with are the mud kitchen, where we cook up delicious recipes and, on the bikes and scooters.

Primary 3 & 4

Welcome to P3 & 4

Welcome back! Primary 3 & 4 have settled back into the new school routines brilliantly. We were all super excited to get back and see our friends again.

Our topic this term is ‘Food for thought’. We have enjoyed finding out about the foods eaten during celebrations and religious festivals in other cultures during different months of the year. Primary 3 & 4 helped create a food calendar and carried out great research on some of these unfamiliar foods, like haggis, fortune cookies and Dulce. We also had fun getting creative with craft materials to make our favourite plate of food and we have planned our own celebration meals. We are looking forward to exploring more about food and carrying out some interesting STEM activities.

In Numeracy we have been learning to recognise numbers in their written form. We went on an outdoor number hunt during the sunny weather, it was lots of fun. We can recognise and order the months of the year and have been discussing the special events that occur in each season. P3 have been working with Numicon to help us with our adding and P4 have been using Numicon to find the position of numbers on a 100 square.

In Literacy the P3s have been working on alphabetical order and we wrote our own mini alphabet. The P4s wrote a set of instructions including verbs for our partners to follow. We have been working on our independent writing. We have been trying hard to use our sounds when writing new words and using adjectives to make our writing more interesting. We have enjoyed listening to ‘The Twits’ and ‘George’s Marvellous Medicine’ by Roald Dahl. They have really captured our imagination and we are writing our own Marvellous Medicine recipes.

Primary 4 & 5

Welcome to Primary 4&5!

Primary 4/5 are all very happy to be back to school! We really missed our classmates during the Covid-19 Lockdown and we were so excited to see everyone again. We have all adjusted well to the new routines in school and being in our new Primary 4/5 bubble with Mrs Lowry and Mrs Hall.

We have spent lots of time talking to each other about our experiences during Lockdown and how we have been feeling. We have been thinking about how we can take care of ourselves when we are worried. A great way to have a bit of time out is to do some exercise in the fresh air. Miss Johnston takes us for yoga sessions outside every week, which has been really good fun! Our boat and aeroplane poses are very impressive! We find that yoga helps us to switch off from our worries and have a bit of time out. We also enjoy going outside for a brisk walk in the playground for our Daily Mile each day.

Our topic in World Around Us is, ‘I am Unique.’ Mrs Lowry has been teaching us about the digestive and circulatory system. We enjoyed making our own stethoscopes in class and listening to our heart rate resting and after some exercise. Mrs Hall has been teaching us about the human skeleton. We really enjoyed our STEM activity outside where we made huge skeletons using natural materials that were found in our playground.

In Writing this term we have been looking at rhyming couple poems. We composed our own rhyming couplet poems about ourselves using our 5 senses. We enjoyed reading our poems out to our classmates. We definitely have some future poets in the making!

In Numeracy we have been practising the quick recall of our multiplication tables. We are all registered on the Times Table Rockstars app and we enjoy competing on this when we have finished our work. It is a great way to practise our multiplication tables and improve on our ICT skills at the same time.

Primary 6 & 7

Welcome to P6 & 7!

Is it September already? Everyone has returned to school in one piece and we even have some new faces in P.6 & 7. We can’t wait to get the school year underway!

We’ve had a busy start to the year getting to know each other and finding out what OUR amazing topics are going to be. This term we are looking at ‘The Victorians’. The Victorian era was a pretty crazy place! Did you know that there was no Internet or Netflix back then? Don’t even get me started on their toilets. We have also found out That Queen Victoria was only 18 years old when she took the throne! She also only wore black after her husband, Prince Albert, passed away in 1861.

In ICT we’ve been getting to grips with Times Tables Rock Stars and Numbots. As the name suggests, both apps are number based. Times Tables Rock Stars focuses on the use of the times tables and Numbots works on number bonds. They are wonderful apps to help develop number fluency. It also helps that they’re both incredibly fun to use.

In Literacy we’ve been brushing up on our use of adjectives, nouns, verbs and adverbs. We hope to use lots of the skills that we’ve learnt to create some fantastic narratives based on Victorian stories. There was also some important queen in the Victorian times that we will be creating a biography about. I think it was Queen Mary, no, Queen Victoria! For inspiration for our narrative, we have been reading Street Child by Berlie Doherty and learning about life in the Victorian times. School was definitely not as much fun then.

For Numeracy, we’ve been revising and extending our knowledge of multiplication. Did you know that you can use your times tables to work out division problems? When we use the opposite operation to help solve a problem, we call it using inverse or inverse operations (it’s one of our mental maths strategies). Away from our times tables, we’ve been learning about 2D & 3D shapes, and how they are constructed with different types of lines. Check out our pupil picture of a set of perpendicular lines. What type of dancing fits in with well this topic? Line dancing!