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Our Classes

Primary 1/2

Welcome to Primary 1 & 2!

Our topic this term is all about ‘Under the Sea’. We began by brainstorming ideas and used a KWL grid to organise them. So far, we have learnt about the four ocean zones and the various animals that live in each zone. We are now experts on the blue whale! We loved learning facts about this animal. Did you know that it measures up to 25 metres long and is the biggest animal in the world? To help us get a better understanding of the size of the blue whale we measured the length of one in our playground. Have a look at our photos!

During Learning Through Play, we helped transform our role play area into an aquarium. We worked together to make animals and plants to put on display. We enjoy taking on the role of the receptionist, visitors and tour guides in the aquarium. With tickets only costing 50p, we definitely recommend a visit!

As our term comes to an end, we are now revising all the phonics we have learnt this year. We are continuing to practise our blending through active activities. We wrote wonderful reports about the blue whale and wrote sentences about everything we had learnt.

In Numeracy, we are continuing to improve our number formation and counting skills. P2 are experts at subtraction and can quickly calculate simple sums mentally. Our focus this term has been ‘Time’. We loved learning songs to help us remember the days of the week and months of the year. We also enjoy using analogue clocks and the Interactive Whiteboard to show our understanding of ‘o’clock’ and ‘half past’ times.

Towards the end of May, we also held our class assembly for our parents. We reminded everyone about the importance of being a good friend through the story of the Rainbow Fish. Miss Dunlop said we all sang beautifully and was very proud of us all!!

Primary 3

Welcome to Primary 3!

Ahoy there me hearties!

Primary 3 are loving their new topic for Term 3…PIRATES! We have been doing lots of fun activities in class. Our fantastic classroom assistant, Miss Pierce, made us a brilliant pirate ship for our classroom. We enjoyed painting it in our garden…Jack Sparrow is our captain! Unfortunately, some of our Primary 3 pirates have had to walk the plank and be marooned on a desert island. Our class have a great imagination and made a super pirate ship in our school garden from crates, tyres and some natural materials.

In Numeracy we have been learning about symmetry. We have designed our own symmetrical patterns and looked at different 2D shapes that have lines of symmetry. To finish our topic, we iced and decorated symmetrical biscuits. The best bit was eating them all up at lunchtime!

We have been looking at a new app this term on our iPads called Chatter Pix. We have been taking photographs of each other and making our photographs talk. It has been great fun! We have used this app during our Activity Based Learning sessions for our Pirate topic. We can save a pirate picture from the internet, import it into our camera roll and make it talk using the Chatter Pix app. We enjoyed showing our creations to the class and are excellent at giving constructive feedback to our friends.

We visited Joymount Presbyterian church last week to view their Crafted Revelation. We got to see 30 scenes from the Bible which were depicted in craft. We really enjoyed looking at all the crocheted figures and completing the quiz. We even got some juice and biscuits afterwards. It was a lovely morning!

We had our last Shared Education day in Woodburn Primary School last week. We have had a great year meeting up with our friends from Woodburn PS and Hazelwood IPS each month. During our last session we made invitations and practised our song and poem for Celebration Day, which will be held in Central PS next month. We are very excited as our families are invited to see this!

Primary 4/5

Welcome to Primary 4 & 5!

We may be approaching Summer but Primary 4/5 are still working very hard! We have had a fantastic Term 2 with forest school sessions, a trip to Aunt Sandra’s Candy Factory and planting hedge saplings with Carrickfergus Council at Mill Pond.

Our new topic for Term 3 is all about Lighthouses. This is a fantastic topic for the geographical geniuses and science superstars in our class as we have been learning all about coastlines and how rocks erode over time. In addition to this, we have also been taught how to conduct a fair test using different materials. We have been predicting and testing how light travels through different surfaces and the purposes of opaque, transparent and translucent objects. Our class novel this term is about the famous heroine, Grace Darling. Did you know that Grace Darling was only twenty-two years old when she saved nine people from a shipwreck in 1838?

In Mathematics, we have been finding fractions of shapes and numbers. This was a perfect opportunity to divide up some chocolate cake (equally of course!). We have been learning about equivalent fractions using fraction walls and comparing fractions to identify larger and smaller values. This has linked well with our revision in dividing through formal methods and practical grouping activities. This term, we are learning about capacity and volume. We are looking forward to using measuring jugs and cotton balls to estimate and record different capacities and volumes around school.

Primary 4/5 have really enjoyed our Forest School sessions in Shaftsbury Park and we hope with the return of the good weather to make the most of being outside. In our last session, we created an aerial map of Shaftesbury Park using natural objects found around the grounds. Have a look at our pictures, can you guess where we are?

Primary 6/7

Welcome to Primary 6 & 7!

The Final Term!

Wow! It’s the third term already! We had a jam packed second term and we have a third term that is bursting at the seams with different activities. It’s also nearly the summer time!

Everyone loves a school trip and the P.6 & 7 class got to go on the best school trip of the year. In May we packed our bags, ready to head off on our residential to The Share Centre in Fermanagh. It was pretty amazing, the kids also enjoyed themselves! We got to go banana boating, kayaking, pier jumping and rock climbing…the list goes on. You can see some of the activities in our photographs.

We’ve also got lots of sport packed into this term. The children got to test their rugby skills with one of the Ulster Rugby outreach coaching. It was great to see everyone really enjoying themselves and developing new skills. Ulster rugby also organised a rugby tournament for the local primary schools at Carrickfergus Rugby Club, where the children had the opportunity to show case their fancy skills. We even got to take a trip to the Kingspan stadium. At present, we also have a coach from the local cricket club teaching the children how to play cricket. We plan to take part in the local cricket tournament at the start of June. This is always a great day out for the pupils. Some of the children also completed their Cycling Proficiency so watch out on those roads. I don’t think we could physical pack any more sport in.

In Literacy we have been learning all about figurative language and poetry. We definitely have some budding poets among us. Did you know that there are examples of poetry all around us? We have listened to a number of different pop songs and identified different rhyming patterns. We’ve also been exploring the use of poetry by children’s authors like Julia Donaldson in the Gruffalo. The use of similes and metaphors can really add a lot of depth to your writing and it’s as easy 1,2,3,A,B,C…thank you ‘The Jackson Five’.

In Numeracy we’ve been eating pie. Sorry, I meant learning about pie charts. They’re very easy to mix up. We’ve also been learning how to use fractions, percentages and decimals. Do you know what an improper fraction is or how to change it to a mixed number fraction? We do! How about working out different amounts represented on a pie chart and converting percentages to fractions? Well, we also know how to do that too. We’ve been very busy in P.6 & 7!

Finally, as the P.7s are leaving us at the end of June we have been working on our Leaver’s Assembly. This gives us the opportunity to have a little fun before they all leave. I can’t say too much but there will be lots of laughs and probably a few tears.