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Our Classes

Primary 1

Welcome to Primary 1!
Our new Primary 1s are settling into school life extremely well and are getting used to our routines.

Our topic this term is ‘All About Me’. Over the past few weeks we have painted beautiful self-portraits, created houses from junk materials and made pictures of our families. We loved showing everyone our transition boxes filled with items and photographs from our summer adventures.

In Literacy this term we are focusing on our listening and rhyming skills. We went on a listening walk around the school building wearing our extra big ears! We are getting very good at identifying rhyming pairs and are enjoying learning lots of new songs. These skills are helping to prepare us for reading.

In Numeracy, we are improving our sorting and pattern skills. We can sort items for colour, size and beginning sounds, and we can explain our reasoning for this. We love playing games on the Interactive Whiteboard to help us with our counting skills.

As you can see from our photographs we are continuing to learn and develop important skills during our play sessions. We love visiting the home corner and making dinner for our friends. We are also experimenting with Numicon and practicing our fine motor skills. Visiting the outdoor garden is the highlight of our week! We put on our wellies and outdoor suits and love getting messy in the mud kitchen. Have a look at our photos below.

Primary 2 & 3

Welcome to P2/3
Wow, what a busy first few weeks we have had in Primary 2/3. Not only did we get to meet our new teacher, but we also made a few new friends in our class too! Although we have been busy getting to know one another we have still found time to work really hard.

In Numeracy, P2 have been focusing on the sequence of numbers to ten. We have been putting them in the correct order and finding missing numbers in a sequence. Meanwhile, P3 have been working hard on developing their addition facts to 13. We have all enjoyed exploring Numicon and becoming familiar with its shape, colour and value, using paint, patterns and pictures.

Our Literacy this term has focused on revising our phonics and using them to read and write words independently. We also read the story of ‘The Gruffalo’ and created our own terrible creatures using amazing adjectives to describe them. After all the hard work we decided to make our own Gruffalo crumble….it was delicious!

Our topic this term is ‘The Forest’, who knew trees could be so much fun? We have really enjoyed finding out about the importance of trees in our environment and all the things they provide for us. We have taken the time to look closely at the trees in our school playground and discovered their many parts, like the bark and roots. It has been such an interesting topic. Many of us have enjoyed going on forest walks outside of school and bringing in conkers, acorns, leaves and twigs to investigate further in class.

As well as all the hard work in the classroom we have also managed to fit in a few visits to the playroom and the outdoor play area. While in the playroom the P3s completed some challenges to create a Hansel and Gretel cottage using the blocks and during play in the outdoor area a few of us got messy in the mud kitchen. It was great fun!

Primary 4 & 5

Welcome to Primary 4&5!
Primary 4&5 have settled in brilliantly to new class routines and we are all delighted to welcome a few new faces to the Central P.S family!

Our topic this term is ‘Ancient Egypt’. We are really enjoying our topic so far and it has been a great start for developing our understanding of the world around us. Primary 4&5 have done a great job using Google maps, atlases and Google Earth to locate different continents, countries and cities across the world. We have enjoyed comparing and contrasting the culture, weather and lifestyle in Egypt to our own. We have some wonderful STEM activities coming up this month which include building 3-D pyramids and mummifying tomatoes!

In Numeracy we have been revising our number recognition and number patterns. Primary 4&5 are able to partition 2 and 3-digit numbers with confidence and we enjoy using Base 10 to demonstrate our understanding of tricky column addition calculations.

In Literacy we are have been working on our sentence structure. Did you know there are lots of different sentence structures? Primary 4&5 have been learning all about full stops, exclamation marks and question marks. We are getting very good at sorting commands from statements and ensuring that our sentences start and end with the correct punctuation. We have just begun our brand new narrative writing topic and we are looking forward to creating exciting adventure stories about our topic!

Primary 4&5 really enjoy Global Learning lessons and we particularly enjoyed taking part in ‘The World’s Largest Lesson’ in September. We focused on Global Goal 14: Life Below Water. We took part in an interesting science project and investigated how plastic bags move in a similar way to jelly fish in water. Primary 4&5 are very knowledgeable on the negative effects, human rubbish has on our oceans and the importance for all of us to do our part. Primary 4&5 had the great idea to use old t-shirts and reuse them into shopping bags – check out the pictures!

Primary 6 & 7

Welcome to P6 & 7!
Is it September already? Everyone has returned to school in one piece and we even have some new faces in P.6 & 7. We can’t wait to get the school year underway!

We’ve had a busy start to the year getting to know each other and finding out what are amazing topics are going to be. This term we are looking at ‘Space’. Space is a crazy place! Did you know that there is no gravity or oxygen in space? It’s not really a place you’d like to be without a spacesuit. Did you know that gravity can alter how much you weigh? To test this out we have been weighing ourselves and using different amounts of gravity to see how much we would weigh on the other planets in our Solar System. We have also found out that Pluto is no longer classed as a planet. It’s been downgraded to a dwarf planet. We still have lots to learn but it’s looking pretty awesome!

In ICT we’ve been creating our very own short films using an app called StopMotion. This is a fantastic programme which uses lots of pictures and adds them together to create a short film. The class have been using Lego to build props and designing backdrops to help set the scene. They are looking fantastic!

In Literacy we’ve been brushing up on our use of adjectives, nouns, verbs and adverbs. We hope to use lots of the skills that we’ve learnt to create some fantastic narratives-based space adventures. For inspiration, we have been reading Cosmic by Frank Cottrell Boyce and taking part in some space experiments.

For Numeracy, we’ve been developing our understanding and use of place value. Do you know what comes after thousands and which direction the numbers move when you multiply by 100? We do! We have also been getting acquainted with the compass points. Do you know where you’ll be if you turn 90° anti-clockwise from North? We’ll give you a clue, it begins with ‘w’.