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Our Classes

Primary 1/2

Welcome to Primary 1 & 2!

Primary 1 & 2 have been learning all about ‘Food’ during this term.
In January, we enjoyed a trip to Papa Browns for breakfast. We were able to make our own orders, ask for the bill and give the waiter the correct amount. We thought the food was delicious and the service was excellent – we would definitely recommend! Following our visit to Papa Browns we have set up our own café in our role play area. We love taking on the roles of the chef, waiter and customers.

Last week we all enjoyed a visit from the Recycling Bus. We found out about different materials that can be recycled and made cress seed pots from newspaper.

In Literacy, our Primary 1s are making excellent progress with their phonics and are growing in confidence when blending words. Our Primary 2s are developing their Super Power Words knowledge and are becoming great writers. We had great fun on our phonic hunt to help practice our letter formation.

Along with our number work we have been learning about bar charts this term. We decided to make a human bar chart in our playground to show what we ate for our healthy break. Can you work out which was the most popular fruit? What was the least popular?

Primary 3

Welcome to Primary 3!

Primary 3 are learning about what life was like in the 1940s and 1950s. We are currently finding out how school was different to school today. We are relieved that there are no canes in schools today! During Activity Based Learning we enjoy playing in our 1940s/50s role play area. We have some mean teachers in our class who have been making their pupils do drill, write lines and work in silence! We have also made a 1940s/50s school out of lego, used our computer skills to type up information and we made super posters on the Pic Collage app. We are looking forward to our dress up day in the 1940s and 1950s next month!

In Numeracy we have been looking at ‘Weight’ as a topic. We enjoyed weighing different objects around our classroom using balancing scales. We compared weights of different objects and discussed if they were heavier or lighter. Some of us were excellent at predicting how many cubes it took to balance the scales. We worked very well with our partners for this activity.

We have enjoyed meeting up with our Shared Education partner schools this term. All of us have made great friends in Woodburn PS and Hazelwood Integrated PS. We are focusing on Outdoor Play and Activity Based Learning. Last month the two schools visited Central PS and we built dens from natural materials, made different types of houses in the Playroom and drew houses on the Draw and Tell app on our iPads. It was a great day!

Our class LOVE artwork. We made beautiful Valentine’s cards for someone special. We have also been working hard on our 1940s and 1950s wall display. Take a look at our great talents…

Primary 4/5

Welcome to Primary 4 & 5!

Primary 4/5 have been very busy this term with our new topic; ‘The Story of Chocolate.’ We have been learning about where chocolate comes from, how it is formed and the importance of a balanced diet. Did you know that the cocoa bean was used by the Aztecs as currency and at a time, it would have had a similar value to gold? We have been learning about cocoa farms and the importance of Fair Trade products. This year the Fair Trade campaign is focusing on Cocoa farmers – perfect for our topic! Through STEM we are investigating the different stages of chocolate and how product packaging is designed to protect chocolate from melting.

We are also looking forward to our visit to Aunt Sandra’s Candy Factory to see how chocolate is made and molded into chocolate sweets – how exciting!

In Literacy we have been learning all about instructional writing. We are really trying to make our writing specific, in chronological order and include connectives. To help us with our writing, we created instructions for delicious rice crispy buns.

This term we have become money experts, we have been recording, estimating and working out costs using money. We have been very busy working out the cost of shopping items, calculating change, solving money problems and even working out the cost of throwing a birthday party. We were given the challenge of putting £20 or £10 towards a birthday party. We had to calculate the cost of having balloons, birthday cake, party bags, table decorations and games at our party.

Primary 6/7

Welcome to Primary 6 & 7!

Where has that first term gone? It was over in no time at all! It was a great first term, which ended with our amazing Christmas performance. It’s now time to get ready for the spring and summer terms.

The Christmas show is over but we now have to think ahead to our Valentine’s Day assembly. We have been entrusted with conducting our very own assembly with a ‘love’ theme. This got us thinking about possible ideas that we could do as a class. We came up with our very own version of Blind Date! We’ve been practicing hard, learning our lines and working our way through an awesome song by Bruno Mars. Let’s hope we’re a hit!

Our topic work this term is centred around earthquakes and the impacts that they can have. We have been researching the 2010 Haitian earthquake and developing a fact file using Microsoft Word. There are also many artists that have been inspired by the devastation that has been caused by earthquakes. We hope to create some fantastic works of art inspired by several different artists from Haiti and Japan.

In Literacy we’ve been learning all about apostrophes and when and where they can be used. We’ve been looking at how an apostrophe is used in contractions (They’re easy, we’ve gotten pretty good at them) and what it’s actually there for. We have also been using our fact files that we created for the 2010 Haitian earthquake to create our own newspaper articles. The Carrick Times better watch out, they’ve got some serious competition!

‘Weight’ a minute, what about numeracy? Can you guess what we’ve been looking at in numeracy? We’ve been looking at weight and the use of decimals. Do you know how many grams are in 1.5 kilograms or how you can work that out? We do, and we are also pretty handy with a set of scales. We measured out lots of ingredients and made some yummy fifteens. Ah, and we didn’t just use fifteen of everything. Mr Martin gave us clues and word problems for us to work out how much of everything we needed. Did you know that when recording grams as kilograms, you can go all the way down to thousandths?