Our Classes

Primary 1

Welcome to Primary 1!

Our P1s are superstars and have been working hard at home this term. We are continuing to learn our phonics each week, practicing blending words and revising our tricky words.

In Numeracy, we have enjoyed practical number activities and learning all about 3D shapes.

We have also enjoyed activities based on our topic ‘People Who Help Us’. Have a look at some of our wonderful work below!

Primary 2

Welcome to P2

Since Christmas, Primary 2 have been doing a fantastic job, learning from home. Each day we complete a Literacy and Numeracy activity from our home learning pack as well as completing activities through the online platform, SeeSaw.

Our topic this term is called ‘Once Upon a Time’ and we have been looking at lots of popular traditional tales. Primary 2 have enjoyed listening to stories and completing activities such as building a bridge for the Three Billy Goats to escape the grumpy trolls, making porridge that's just right for them and baking and designing our own gingerbread men. We can’t wait to finish off our topic in school and begin to write our own fairy tales.

Through home learning, we have also been learning new jolly phonic sounds, number bonds up to 20 and carrying out simple calculations with money.

We really love to explore the outdoors in Primary 2 and we can’t wait to get our wellies on so we can play in the garden and take part in Forest School lessons in Shaftsbury Park.

Primary 3 & 4

Welcome to P3 & 4

Primary 3/4 have made an excellent effort over these last few months with their remote learning. They have been busy at home learning new sounds and working through Literacy and Numeracy packs. On top of this, they have continued to explore the world around us and complete various activities on Seesaw. Here are some of the things they have been getting up to…

We finished our World Around Us topic of ‘Polar Regions’. Throughout this topic, we discovered many interesting facts about animals from both the North and South poles and created fact files for our favourite animals. Did you know there are 7 types of seals? And a polar bears fur is actually transparent, it has no colour! Based on these facts, we used materials from around our homes to get creative and make 3D models of our favourite polar animals. It was great fun!

Our new topic in World Around Us is ‘What’s the weather?’. During our initial discussion, we shared our weather wonders and lots of us wanted to know, why don’t we get sun all the time in Northern Ireland? So far we have learned the meaning of weather symbols, we can read a weather map and understand the use of a weather forecast. We have been keeping a daily record of our weather, which changes a lot! This week is our turn to become weather presenters, we are going to write and present our own weather forecast.

We have also been looking after our mental health by trying to get outdoors as much as possible and focusing on the positive things we have in our lives. As a whole school, we took a break from online learning during ‘Screen Free Friday’ and went outdoors to do activities. Our class loves to be active and so we have been taking part in a physical activity each week such as dance or sports challenges.

Keep up the great work Primary 3/ 4. I can’t wait to see you all back together again!

Primary 4 & 5

Welcome to Primary 4&5!

Our Primary 4/5 class have been working very hard with their online learning. Mrs Lowry and Mrs Hall are very proud of them all. Our class have been busy working through their Literacy and Numeracy work packs and we have used Seesaw for extra fun activities to do at home. We have tried to plan lots of activities to get our children outside into the fresh air as much as possible. This is what we have been getting up to…

During the icy, cold weather we made beautiful ice decorations from flowers, leaves and twigs from our gardens. They looked beautiful hanging from our trees. We also made bird feeders for the birds from birdseed, porridge, raisins and lard. The birds loved them!

Our new topic in World Around Us is, ‘Castles.’ We used 2D shape templates to recreate the painting by Paul Klee, ‘Castle and Sun.’ We had to make sure that our picture tessellated. We coloured our picture by using colours in our house. We have also been investigating Carrickfergus castle. On our walks outside, we have found the Keep, battlements, arrow slits and the toilet holes! We are also looking at the meaning behind coats of arms and designing our own coat of arms for our family. It has been great fun so far!

We have started our new topic of Instructional writing too. We took videos of ourselves making lunch and we talked through the instructions as we were making it. We were excellent at remembering to include our time connectives too. We have also been practising our multiplication tables using the multiplication bingo games and our Times Table Rockstars app.

We have also made time to think about our mental health. We have given ourselves breaks from our schoolwork during the day as we know that this is very important too. We did lots of activities during Children’s Mental Health Week. We thought about our coping strategies and how we can express ourselves in different ways. We listed things that we were good at and thought of things that we can do to help us when we are worried or stressed. We had a screen-free Friday day, where we had to do something fun with our families. We have also been doing lots of baking too!

Primary 4/5 have made an excellent effort with their home learning. Mrs Lowry and Mrs Hall are looking forward to having everyone back in the classroom very soon!

Primary 6 & 7

A Different Second Term for P.6 & 7!

Where has that first term gone? It was over in no time at all! It’s now time to get ready for the spring and summer terms.

Not being in school has meant that we have had to change how we have been doing things. Live lessons, practical cooking on Fridays, weekly check-ins and much more. It has definitely taken a while to adjust to, but I think everyone has done an amazing job.

Our topic work this term is centred around earthquakes and the impacts that they can have. We have been researching the 2010 Haitian earthquake and developing a fact file using Microsoft Word. There are also many artists that have been inspired by the devastation that has been caused by earthquakes. We hope to create some fanatic works of art inspired by several different artists from Haiti and Japan. We have also tried to make our own playdough to create our planet’s different layers and started to investigate how to make buildings earthquake-proof, or at least reduce the impact felt by buildings during an earthquake.

In Literacy, we’ve been learning all about apostrophes, when and where they can be used. How an apostrophe is used in contractions (They’re easy, we’ve gotten pretty good at them) and what it’s purpose is. We have also been using our fact files that we created for the 2010 Haitian earthquake to create our own newspaper articles. The Carrick Times better watch out, they’ve got some serious competition!

Weight’ a minute, what about numeracy? Can you guess what we’ve been looking at in numeracy? We’ve been looking at weight and the use of decimals. Do you know how many grams are in 1.5 kilograms or how you can work that out? We do and we are also pretty handy with a set of scales. We have been measuring out lots of ingredients in our Friday cooking lessons. To make it slightly more challenging, Mr Martin has given us clues so we could work out how much of everything we needed. Did you know that when recording grams as kilograms, you can go all the way down to thousandths?