Dear Parent,

It is a pleasure to present to you the school website for Carrickfergus Central Primary School as the choice for your child's Primary Education.

As you read through our website I hope you will gain an understanding of our ethos and vision for our school.

Our school is characterised by equality, tolerance, respect for others and a high standard of teaching and learning. Everyone is welcome.

Children are at the heart of our school. Our committed team of teaching and learning support assistants provide a safe, friendly environment in which our children are able to grow in confidence, to learn and develop their talents and abilities in preparation for tomorrow's world and their future in it.

Parents are recognised as the prime educators of their children. We encourage a positive partnership and open communication between home and school. Whilst this website is designed to provide you with an insight into our policies and procedures it cannot give you the full picture of what the school is like. I would, therefore, invite you to come and see the school for yourself.

This is an exciting time at Carrickfergus Central Primary School and your visit will give you a fuller and more rounded picture of what life is like here. I look forward to meeting you and welcoming you and your child to Carrickfergus Central Primary School.

Yours sincerely,
Nuala Hall

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Integration Works @ Carrick Central: Our journey

‘I think Integration is a good idea so no one feels left out. We should all learn together about each other and then we wouldn’t be scared of each other anymore. If Catholics and Protestants went to our school together they wouldn’t hate each other anymore. It’s simple.’
(Carrickfergus Central Primary School pupil, Autumn 2019)

Starting off...
Carrickfergus Central stakeholders met with the Northern Ireland Council for Integrated Education (NICIE) and the Integrated Education Fund (IEF) throughout 2017 to begin thinking about whether or not transforming to Integrated status would be a good idea for our school.
With some financial support from the IEF, we explored what this would mean for our school. Staff visited Integrated schools, and parents were invited to information sessions and coffee mornings in order to have open conversation about what transformation to Integration would look and feel like for us. In November 2018, the Board of Governors decided to officially begin the process and voted to ballot the parents of children attending school to ask them if they wanted the school to become Integrated.


Getting going…
The process of changing the status of the school from Controlled to Controlled Integrated takes place within a legal framework. This process is called Transformation.
A very important part of this is the parental ballot, which was held in our school between 11th – 25th February 2019. The result was that 78.2% of those eligible to vote returned their papers and of those, 86% voted ‘Yes’ to Transformation of the school to Integrated status.
The next stage is to present the ‘Case for Change’ of the school to the Department of Education, via the Education Authority. During 2020, the proposal for Carrick Central to become Integrated, will be put out for public comment.

Moving forward…
We very much hope that the Department of Education will grant permission for us to become an Integrated School and we hope to hear their decision during 2020. The school community wants to strengthen, widen and deepen our inclusion values by working towards fully incorporating the four principles of Integrated Education: Equality, Faith and Values, Parental Involvement and Social Responsibility within our ethos. Any changes we make will be made in partnership with all our school community and at a pace that suits our context.
Integrated Education works to promote reconciliation in Northern Ireland and we want to make our contribution to that by intentionally welcoming diversity in our school. Come and join us!

You can help!
If you would like to support the school’s journey to becoming Integrated and you have a child who you might consider bringing to Carrick Central, you can complete an ‘Expression of Interest Form’, which you can download here.
If you do not have a child of primary or pre-primary school age but would like to support the school’s plans to become Integrated, we would be very grateful if you would complete and return our ‘Community Support Form’, which you can download here.

The Department of Education’s 2017 publication ‘Integration Works’ explains the process of Transforming to becoming and Integrated school. You can read it here: ( ).
If you have any questions about the process, you can also contact NICIE: ( the IEF: ( or Nuala Hall, Principal.