Dear Parent,

It is a pleasure to present to you the school website for Carrickfergus Central Primary School as the choice for your child's Primary Education.

As you read through our website I hope you will gain an understanding of our ethos and vision for our school.

Our school is characterised by equality, tolerance, respect for others and a high standard of teaching and learning. Everyone is welcome.

Children are at the heart of our school. Our committed team of teaching and learning support assistants provide a safe, friendly environment in which our children are able to grow in confidence, to learn and develop their talents and abilities in preparation for tomorrow's world and their future in it.

Parents are recognised as the prime educators of their children. We encourage a positive partnership and open communication between home and school. Whilst this website is designed to provide you with an insight into our policies and procedures it cannot give you the full picture of what the school is like. I would, therefore, invite you to come and see the school for yourself.

This is an exciting time at Carrickfergus Central Primary School and your visit will give you a fuller and more rounded picture of what life is like here. I look forward to meeting you and welcoming you and your child to Carrickfergus Central Primary School.

Yours sincerely,
Nuala Hall

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Transformation to Integrated Status

Next steps….
On Monday 19th April 2021, The Education Minister, Peter Weir gave approval for Carrickfergus Central Primary School to transform to Integrated Status from September 2021. For Carrickfergus Central Primary School this is the next step on a very exciting journey. We will work towards fully incorporating the four principles of Integrated Education: Education, Equality, Faith and Values, Parental Involvement and Social Responsibility within our ethos. Any changes that we make will be made in partnership will all our school community at a pace that suits our context.

Integrated Education works to promote reconciliation in Northern Ireland and we want to make our contribution to that by intentionally welcoming diversity in our school. Children from different backgrounds, cultures and religions will be educated here side by side. Tolerance will be nurtured and diversity celebrated. This is a journey where our troubled past will make way for a shared future. We aim to provide all our children with the best opportunities for their development academically, socially, emotionally and societally.


We are very excited for the next steps on our transformation journey.

Come and join us!

…Integration symbolises the new Northern Ireland where the community works side by side for the benefit of all.